We help companies, big and small, discover what makes them unique and channel it into a memorable experience that outsells and outshines their competition online.

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Are you looking for a trendy e-commerce site? We have a pool of creative, talented and experienced WooCommerce developers ready to help you attain your goals. We are proud to be part of many successful e-commerce stories thanks to the WooCommerce services we have delivered in Helsinki and across the Nordics. We have been the number one provider of highly customizable WooCommerce e-commerce websites fashioned to optimize SEO results and customers experiences for businesses.

This is backed up by the latest technology enabling the greatest ease and functionality to each online store matched with aesthetics that your customers will love.
Our customer driven approach focuses on maximising the conversion potential of existing traffic alongside strategy and advice for generating new traffic.

We Grow Your Business


We understand what it takes to sell online and we commit to delivering an outstanding Return of Investment.We are dedicated to working with exciting and emerging brands to deliver conversion optimised online stores with a budget-savvy awareness that don’t break the bank and can grow along with your business.
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Our Woocommerce Build Process

Audience Profiling
Product Categorisation
Website Structure
Payment, Security & Hosting
User Interface
Responsive Design
Conversion Focussed
Payment Gateway
Conversion Optimisation
Conversion Flow
Promotional Optimisation
Split Testing
Ecommerce Analytics

WooCommerce Migration

How do we manage WooCommerce migrations?

If the website migration is primarily to only re-platform the website, we can carry over the design for your existing eCommerce store to keep the disruption to a minimum.

Of course, if you are going through a platform migration, it does not dramatically alter the price of the project to perform a touch up on the way through. Most of the time we recommend doing this to knock a few problems with mobile responsiveness.

In most cases, however, a migration is an opportunity to create a fresh look for your website and cook in a significant number of current practices in your new store.

We can reduce the friction of moving to a new store by migrating your customer data and history.

We can minimise disruption by making recommendations to a change management process that will keep your loyal customers in the loop as to what is happening.

The last thing you want is to carry across the most important asset, your customers.

We can import your old orders and match them to your existing customer. This will eliminate the problem of potentially losing many years of ordering history.

Key considerations

How many orders need to be migrated?
Do you have recurring orders?
Is there anything special about orders (like additional information captured on checkout) that must be copied?
It is important to copy the entire order history, or does the recent history need duplicating?

Product migration can be managed in a few different ways.

If you have a backend system, it will be a matter of making sure that it is connected into the new WooCommerce website correctly and any gaps addressed. Backend system integration is one of the most error-prone activities on a migration project and we take special steps to make sure all possibilities are considered.

If you will exclusively use WooCommerce for product management and inventory we can look at a simpler process to migrate the products from your old eCommerce system cleanly into WooCommerce.

Content isn’t always the focus for content stores, but it is important supporting information. We can appraise the amount of content on your existing site and look at strategies to migrate the content across to the new store.

Key considerations

What content is critical to the purchasing process?
Do you have a blog?
Do you currently have two websites, one for content (or blogging) and the other for eCommerce?

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